Zandvoort aan zee

Well…for those of you who think our life is all sunshine and roses and fabulous ski vacations, this one is for you.

Our kids spring break was this week and while we had delayed in planning something we eventually planned the one thing that I’m so thankful for. Usually we’d plan a 4-5 night stay at an Airbnb in a city and jaunt around. We settled on heading to The Netherlands and specifically a little resort style place with a nice indoor pool with slides, a petting zoo, restaurants and such. It’s not normally our thing but we figured why not since this was last minute. Well fast forward a few days…we arrive by train to this lovely seaside town in Zandvoort. It’s a lovely cottage…quiet, and just what we need. About an hour into arriving I start feeling not so great. Two hours later I can’t be further than 20 feet from the bathroom (TMI sorry) Stomach virus? No thanks…but here we are. I was out of commission for a good 48 hours and thank god we chose the resort where the kids and Justin had things to do nearby via bike.

I spent those two days shivering, not eating and barely able to stand up. Luckily it passed and on day 3 we managed to salvage some trips by bike into the town and go out for dinner. We pet some goats and sheep and the next day still planned to go into Amsterdam to see the Van Gogh museum and some other things. Well the night before, Justin (we are pretty sure) stubbed and broke his toe on a chair. He’s ok, but really we just needed to catch a break. Justin caught it…with his toe.

We still managed to get into Amsterdam and enjoy a few sights. So please know it’s not all sunshine and roses especially when working hard to make sure the kids are entertained. They are both very different kids and ages so sometimes this is a challenge. Justin and I would be happy sitting on a patio with some wine and good food, but alas that’s not what these kids want to do 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

Enjoy the few pics I got this time. 🥂

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