You gotta get creative!!!

So it’s been almost two weeks since Justin left for Germany. We are getting along ok, but we miss him. Lots has happened since he left...including, me continuing to work thru the end of the month, him finding a place for us to live (exciting!), packing, cleaning, selling stuff left and right. Lots of late nights working because it’s the busy season at work, half assed dinners and some nice ones. Justin started his job and is settling in nicely but lots to do...every week brings more challenges, but exciting futures.

The house is emptying more and more by the day. We close next week and will be living in a hotel for the next couple weeks until we leave. Things are being sold and food thrown out, extra towels going to the garbage. Everything you can think of, is being sold or purged. It’s amazing what you realize you don’t need when you think about packing it up and shipping it. Needless to say the young child is a bit bored around here so we’ve gotten creative.

So tonight when Clara came up to me while I was cooking and asked me if we had any gloves or something (to do lord knows what with)...I looked at her a bit sideways since I was currently in the process of poking holes in a tin pan to make a colander so I could make her and I Mac and cheese for dinner. I stared at her and said “what do you think as a I held up the holy pan”.

Needless to say we’re lucky Bella’s new shipping crate came in a giant box we can play with...I think we’re gonna make it just fine.


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