Strasbourg, France

We took a day trip to Strasbourg yesterday and I wanted to do a quick blog about it. About an 1 1/2 drive from us we can visit this very old town which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Strasbourg has been inhabited since the middle Paleolithic time period and is over 2000 years old. The fertile area of the Rhine river makes the lovely area desirable as much as it is beautiful. Fields of all kinds of corn and grain and other things can be seen. War effected this region and was torn between France and Germany many times during war. Now it serves as a lovely mesh between the two countries. The town center has the remarkable Cathedral that started being built over 1000 years ago, which to me is unreal. We got to go inside and see all its glory, but we were ushered out quickly as they still serve masses there. The old town is filled with winding alleyways and amazing shops of clothing, wine, cheese and all the good stuff France has to offer.

We enjoyed the heck out of the visit. Stopped and had a nice quick lunch with a delicious bottle of their regional Alsace wine. I’m not going to lie, I love Germany and living there so far…but for whatever reason France holds a special place in my heart. Perhaps because it was the first major country I travelled abroad to. Maybe it’s the amazing food and wine they create. I think too it’s the amazing architecture and the beauty of the people and culture. Who knows really, but the quick jaunt over the border was wonderful. For me to know I’m so close to this wonderful place brings me so much joy; of course we came back with all the things French we love so much. So for today…

À santé 🥂

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