Now what?

It’s been time now to settle into routines…find doctors and vets for the dogs. It’s now time to really figure out how to properly grocery shop for a couple nights dinners and lunches. Point is I don’t feel like I’m on vacation anymore. The house is unpacked…the rooms and set up, and pictures all hung. Now what? You can’t travel every weekend or you’ll go broke 😆

I have to admit I sort of felt a small identity crisis going back to being a house mother/wife again these past couple weeks. I’m not currently taking any summer classes for school…. I quit my job of over 5 years and one with a company I had been with over 11 total. It was not an easy thing for me as I had goals and plans. However, the melancholy feelings always are put away once I go out and about in this wonderful city. It’s really easy to hole up inside and just do what you know to feel safe. You quickly remember why you did this crazy thing and moved across the sea. Sadly too, Charlie went back to be with his dad for the school year and that to for me was very difficult. I don’t think there is a moment since he left I haven’t thought each time I do something “man I wish Charlie were here”. However we all press on…

We really have started to enjoy the local city. Made our first trip to a Biergarten which is right in the middle of our local park. We’ve made three trips to Ikea…I’ve done significant translations for items in the grocery store, and cooked some nice meals. I’ve done tons of laundry because man these appliances are smaller here. I went to a USO painting workshop where we ironically painted an alps scene. We ventured out for a picnic and found a lovely playground for Clara and tons of shady areas for reading and relaxing. Overall, we are enjoying the people, the food and the weather. It’s continuing to be quite an adventure and I’ll never look back.

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