Miss. Elaineous

A while back when Clara and I were cleaning her room I told her that there was a box for miscellaneous stuff and to throw something in there if we didn’t have a box for it. She asked me who Miss. Elaineous was. It gave me a good chuckle. So here’s what we’ve been doing the last two weeks, pretty much Miss. Elaineous stuff.

Our household goods arrived and we’ve all been sleeping in our own beds now which is amazing. Unpacking sucks but now we are all done with boxes and putting things where they belong. Clara got a new wardrobe that she can reach everything in, so that was exciting. We realized we have way too many glasses but managed to get them all to fit. We ventured out to the equivalent of the Germany Home Depot “OBI” which was fun. I got to drive alone in the car…which doesn’t sound terribly exciting I know, but a solo trip to a garden shop was super amazing for me. My need for gardening was satisfied with some new garden boxes for the patio as well as some dinner table flower orchids I had never seen before in my life. Quite lovely. We do have a lovely back yard too which has some hydrangeas in full bloom.

We’ve also been working on navigating via public transportation since Justin works and we only have one car. We’ve managed to get around quite nicely and our bus 42 line takes us quickly where we need to go. My car is on its way, and currently somewhere in the ocean apparently. All in all we are getting settled, doing lots of shopping and cooking and relaxing. Overall the strangest thing to me is how much stuff we DIDN’T bring and still we needed to organize what we call “grandmas general store” in our very large storage closet in the main floor of our apartment building. We took out some old ugly shelves that were in the apartment from previous renters and moved them downstairs to store the stuff we don’t need daily. We are fortunate to have the space down on the ground floor as storage. Storage space in downtown areas like this really does not exist. Luckily we also have an elevator in our building so moving things up and down to the apartment really is a breeze. Justin did amazing picking out our apartment and putting together the last of our patio table furniture with some handy McGuyver tricks since the moving guys lost the hardware for the table. Kudos to handy husbands.

It will be a month tomorrow we have been here and it’s really starting to feel like home. We will hopefully venture off to Strasbourg, France for a quick day trip tomorrow to do some shopping and lunch. Until then…Prost!

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