Locked out!!!

So I learned today just how thankful I am for our neighbors downstairs. Not only did they leave us a bottle of wine and all their contact information when we moved in…they recommended a vet and lots of other handy information, but today they surpassed all expectations. Today I was gleefully enjoying my Friday and ready to run to the mall, then meet my husband on base. I was getting ready to take the dogs out back before I left and walked out the door with no keys and no phone, but WITH the dogs and then slammed the door behind me. (My mind went instant panic). Now remember we live in Germany…where we know nobody really locally. Also, we live downtown Stuttgart so all doors require a key. Our houseMëisters are on holiday in Croatia, so can’t call them. Also, we live on the 2nd floor with yes windows open, but no way to get in. Now I’m stuck in a hallway in Germany with two dogs and no way even out back to the yard. I panicked and thought immediately of the fact that #1 I have two dogs and no leashes, so can’t walk anywhere. #2 I have no phone. #3 even if I have my phone I don’t know my husbands number at work. #4 he is in a secure cell phone free zone at work for the government. #5 I have to pick my daughter up at school at 2:30.

Foooook fuckity fuckity foooook!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

I refrain from screaming that in the hallway. I quietly knock on the neighbors door downstairs to hopefully get an answer….people work you know. Luckily they are home and not only let me in to use their phone and computer to email and call Justin, but they let the dogs in too to play with their dog Odie. I finally get a hold of my husband who happily drives home to let me in.

Aside from wanting bursting into tears in these peoples apartment I am so thankful for them. Someone’s getting a thank you note and a huge bouquet of flowers hand arranged by me and a bottle of wine. We are lucky they are here, because god knows we’ve had some asshole neighbors. I am also lucky my dogs behaved and met a new friend. Yes it’s 11:00 am here and yes, that’s my glass of wine.

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