Like a fairytale

We ventured off to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany for the 4th of July weekend, also my bday weekend. When I tell you it’s like a fairytale it’s true. GaPa(as they call it) is a magical little town full of lovely people, good food and massive ski slopes in the winter. However, we are here in July and enjoying some warmer weather.

Justin’s friend Scott was nice enough to let us all crash at his place with the most amazing view. While we visited we did the Zugspitze which is an over 9700 straight up climb by gondola to the highest point in Germany. Mildly terrifying and totally exhilarating. Took in some delicious food, did some shopping and walking around. We could not have picked a better day to ascend the mountain as the visibility was for miles and miles.

Second day the weather was not so wonderful. Hiking 30 min uphill to Neuschwanstein castle. A relatively young castle, but none the less amazing. Two hour wait in the rain, but we were mostly prepared for it. During our drive we enjoyed much scenery through Austria and some amazing valleys and villages.

My birthday was spent driving back home to Stuttgart ans enjoying some bubbly and some of my favorite Portuguese pastries I managed to somehow find in Germany. All in all an amazing weekend.

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