Je t’aime Paris

Oh my sweet sweet Paris. You never fail to make me love you over and over. This trip was just us ladies for a birthday gift for our sweet 9 year old. It was for sure a special few days for us. We rented a very old place literally overlooking the square of the Musée de Orsay. When we came out of the station for our stop I turned around and realized we were staying in one of the very buildings I was admiring a few years back when Justin and I were visiting. Out flat was on the 6th floor with a truly breathtaking view.

We ate amazing food and I did something I don’t normally do…ate every night at the same restaurant. We had the same waiter every night as well. Friendly and kind and we enjoyed every evening in our spot. I never had the same thing twice, but Clara discovered Nutella crepes and chocolate lava cake and her life was forever changed. I dined on fois gras and cheese and so many other delicious things. We took the funicular up sacré cour on Montmartre and Clara was amazed at the view of Paris from there. We sat on the steps and enjoyed treats. We walked daily through the Tuileries Garden and had breakfast at Angelinas where Clara said she had the best breakfast ever…I’m thinking it was the hot chocolate 😊.

We did nothing terribly touristy…no Eiffel Tower, no Versailles and yet our days were filled with smiles, sights and sounds and mostly smells of the city. We walked the streets every morning and did some shopping, and ate in cafes. We walked through the passageways near the opera house. We rested in our flat and just really enjoyed the city. My favorite thing is always the Seine, where we walked daily and chatted and even got in some exercise with the locals.

Despite Clara getting eaten alive by mosquitos and the terrifying coffin sized elevator up to our place…Paris once again didn’t disappoint. Until we meet again. A bientôt! ❤️💙❤️

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