In the clouds…

I never posted about our first trip to Garmish-Partenkirchen for some reason. What some may know is that this was the first place Justin got a job offer in our grand plan to move overseas, it fell through but I know all things happen for a reason. I need to remind myself daily how lucky we are that this adventure came to fruition. When Charlie was with us we travelled here for a nice few days with our beloved pups. Our friend Scott let us crash his place and we enjoyed our trip very much. We travelled up to the Zugspitze which is the highest point in Germany and even crossed over the border to Austria high in the clouds, and even saw snow in the middle of June.

We ventured back to Garmish-Parten again this past holiday weekend and enjoyed another lovely time. We stayed up on the mountain at a wonderful family owned hotel. Even our views at breakfast were amazing. Had dinner with some friends and travelled up another peak, the Wank which was fun and had amazing views. Last morning there we hiked the Partnach gorge which I hope to do again when we have time to do the entire loop. I love this city so much, it’s lovely downtown area and the views of the alps.

We plan to head back for Christmas this year and hopefully enjoy some skiing when Charlie comes back for the holiday week.

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