Here and there, and everywhere.

I haven’t posted a whole lot lately not for any reason that were just busy. School is going, I got a substitute job at Clara’s school…haven’t worked yet, but excited about it. My mother in law visited us for a month or so we mainly stayed put around Stuttgart, but did venture to Strasbourg for a nice long weekend and saw an amazing Christmas market. She sadly had to go back home and we miss her. Charlie moved here for the foreseeable future which is amazing, but lots to do getting him enrolled in school here and getting settled. It snowed for the first time here and both kids were excited to see that.

We got a new car…a sturdy vehicle for our road trips with our puppers. Everywhere here welcomes dogs for the most part so that’s amazing. But we quickly realized our old hatchback would not work too well.

Overall it’s small adventures here and there and getting ready for a long ski week for Christmas this year. Can’t wait for that!!! Everyone is gearing up with ski gear and outfits.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season

For now! Prost and happy holidays!!!

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