I am a little bit late posting this wonderful trip. October 30th was Justin and my 10th wedding anniversary and we definitely did something amazing to celebrate. Our beloved Grammy came into town to make sure Clara and the dogs were well taken care of. We jetted off to Florence for a few nights and enjoyed so much good food and places.

We did a terrace tour of the Duomo and basilica and marveled at the amazing building. We stayed at a lovely boutique hotel where we had lovely breakfasts and an amazing anniversary dinner. We took a day trip to Pisa and again had a lovely lunch and enjoyed the city. Enjoyed many a fancy cocktails and a fair share of spritzes. We also managed to stumble upon a 1/2 marathon being run right across the Ponte Vecchio. I was happier to watch than participate. 🤗

Had my first experience with Korean BBQ which was amazing.

Ventured on a whim to the Boboli gardens and saw my favorite statue besides the David. I called him “fat man on a turtle”. Marveled at Michelangelo’s David so much my neck hurt. Continued to find and take pictures of random Maria shrines all around the cities and finally on our last night enjoyed the traditional Florentine steak. It was brought to the table before grilling for “approval” and it tasted crisp and flavorful.

I will look forward to visiting again with my kiddos hopefully.

A presto Firenze! ❤️🤍💚

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