Displacement times five

I won’t lie, the last couple weeks have been pretty challenging. House sold, working done, moved more and more stuff from old house to hotel to live in for the time being. Dogs, kids and stuff going all jammed Into a small two room hotel room. Yesterday I felt the need to cry for no apparent reason. Frustration, exhaustion or just sadness of missing our complete family being together. I miss the feeling of home, I miss cooking together and I will miss my job. Glad I have friends to spend time with in these times as they make me feel so much better. So thanks to Yvonne, Amy and Jodi and their wonderful families for spending so much time with us the last few weeks. You are my sanity and I’m ever thankful for you. I can’t wait for you all to visit us.

I’ve spent tons of time with everyone I will miss dearly. I remain hopefully at the end of the day and excited at the light coming at that proverbial end of tunnel. Last few things to do next week will hopefully go smooth and we will be boarding our plane for Germany in less than 10 days.

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