Curtains and toilet brushes

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

It’s always amazing to me how little things make a big difference. Our apartment doesn’t have window coverings so it was a priority. We took advantage of a surprise day off for Justin due to Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday…and went to the IKEA in the next town. One of the first things I noticed about the homes on our street is the hard shutters they everyone uses to keep things in our out; whether it’s heat or light or what not. I’ll take the curtains myself. The sun comes up early and the birds start to sing, and the sun goes down late so I understand the shutters, but I’ve always loved a curtain blowing in the breeze.

The apartment we rent is spacious and bright and pretty large for a city dwelling so we are fortunate. The view is spectacular and I am sure I will spend many mornings people watching on our busy little street. Justin didn’t tell me until we got here, but there is even a damp and cool cellar area in which we were told only to store wine….fine by me! This cellar whips our old houses wine room right outta the water. We have a very convenient grocery store right across the street and this has always been one of my favorite things about Europe. People here shop so differently. There’s no spending $350 at a giant store bringing home boxes of stuff. Nope…you spend 20€ and shop for essentials and go to the store pretty much every day because it’s so quick and easy. There usually also are local bakeries and flower shops in every area. I love the fact Germans recycle everything in a very specific way, and I love that even their graffiti tends to be clean and organized in certain spots.

We have settled in so far nicely. I think once our household goods get here we will feel more at home, but we have functional temporary beds and such for now that work just fine. No Internet until Monday so we’re watching school house rocks and old DVD’s. The kids have noticed how fresh and sweet the fruit is here, and I have to agree.

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