Colmar, France

We needed to give our new dog sitter a test run so we decided to take a road trip to Colmar, France…because well…why not. We took a drive through the Black Forest towards our destination which was picturesque.

Colmar is a lovely town that was spared damage even through world wars and the French Revolution. Granted as an imperial city in 1226. It’s one of three of the largest cities in the Alsace wine region, along with Strasbourg and Mulhouse (which I now intend to visit ASAP). It’s not a surprise I love all things French, but this city really was wonderful. Lined with cobblestones and colorful buildings we wandered through parks and streets and a covered market. Even those protesting in the park Saturday evening were polite and mostly well mannered while voicing their opinions.

We dined at a lovely restaurant Saturday evening, but had to eat inside because on beautifully warm sunny weekend all seats were reserved outside. Either way we enjoyed a lovely dinner, tartare, carpaccio, escargot and local wine…oh and Creme brûlée of course. The hotel grand Bristol we stayed at was convenient and had a lovely petit-dejeuner which included of course lovely croissants, fresh made French yogurt and fresh juices.

We only stayed one night as we really just wanted a quick getaway. This morning on our walk to the market we came across a fancy car show. We found what we needed from the market which included a stop at a nice bakery for fresh bread and croissants to take home.

The pictures are many because every time you turned a corner it was a fountain or a park or a building worth a shot. Truly beautiful. I will come back…this own for sure. The dogs loved their sitter who tired them out on more than a few walks.

A bientôt and à santé 🇫🇷 🍷 🧀 🥐 🥖

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