Back to school!

Back to school for Clara means mom gets some free time. It’s been since never that I’ve not worked and had a kid in school full time. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I thought it through and decided that my day needs to be filled with exploring Stuttgart and area, learning German, finding places to explore with Clara, reading atleast an hour a day, taking time to exercise and enjoying some quiet.

So far Clara loves school and the weather here, so that’s a bonus for all. The weather has been quite cool here low 50s in the am. Yesterday I only had a brief time for a walk but I took a nice walk along the top of some vineyards near ClAras school and it was breathtaking. There isn’t a time when I venture out and enjoy the city I’m not brought to tears with its beauty. The vineyard walk was lovely enough that after I picked her up from school…I asked Clara if she wanted to go on a quick adventure with me on the way home. Of course she said yes.

City living is something I only did briefly in Atlanta and kind of yearned for it again. The being able to walk so many places and shop or what not is so enjoyable to me. Stuttgart is amazing for this purpose as it also has wonderful public transportation. Also, you feel very safe.

Today’s walk was kind of spontaneous. We’ve often driven up the hill on our way home and I’ve ogled the views on the drive. Today I decided to go for a wander and it didn’t disappoint. Every turn on the hike up the hill was a new surprise. Fountains, statues,

Passage walkways filled with green spaces and graffiti. I can’t wait to bring everyone back up for the little hike. All in all it was just over an hour of me stopping and waking and taking lots of pictures. 35 flights of stairs and 2.75 miles. Not bad considering this is literally in our neighborhood. This certainly reminds me daily why we did this. ❤️ At the top of the hill is some sort of old lookout, and as I climbed to the top before I headed home I literally gasped at the view. I know pictures don’t do it justice but it was simply amazing. Enjoy.


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