I took the kids for a three night trip to Zurich. What a wonderful city. Among all the beauty of it there were also some of the friendliest people I’ve met in Europe to date, that luckily speak English as well.

We hopped on my favorite mode of transportation (the train) and took a mere 3 hour ride to arrive, we stayed at the amazing Zurich Marriott which was hands down one of the most wonderful hotels I’ve been to. We discovered we had the most amazing view from our room which allowed for all kinds of people watching and storm watching when the clouds rolled in over the hills/mountains.

The day we arrived we took it easy and just grabbed some Thai food and walked down by the river. It was a surprisingly hot day here and I guess the thing to do when it is, is swim in the river. People lined up all down the banks sunning and swimming. Quite a sight to see for a Floridian 😊. Second day was the zoo, it was the most amazing zoo…large and full of amazing things to see, set in quite a fantastic setting. I had by far the fanciest zoo lunch I’ve ever had, equipped with real silverware and wine. We spent most of the day there on quite a lovely day weather wise. Take out for dinner and then relaxing for some France/Switzerland football in the lounge downstairs which was an INSANE game…despite me secretly rooting for France I was glad Switzerland won being that we were there watching the game and they were super happy they won. Cars honking in the street most of the night and into the early am.

Last full day we did some shopping on the famous Bahnhofstrasse; All the luxury you could ever imagine. Chanel, Burberry (my fave), Prada and Tag. Watches, chocolate and knives galore. These people really do pride themselves on what they are good at. Bought the kids some souvenir knives with their names on them… Clara a beginner knife and Charlie a nice angler knife for fishing. I left with some champagne truffles, some bed linens and a new pair of Peugeot salt and pepper grinders. Viva la Switzerland!!!

Found a nice spot to lunch among all the fancier places Charlie Informed me “looked just like a place for a car chase and shoot out in a James bond movie” …a restaurant Zeughauskeller which was a historic building built in 1487 to house and repair ammunition etc. If you’re ever in Zurich definitely stop in for some good food. Walked back dodging rain and quite a storm to watch the Germany/England match (which was boring) and ate some good burgers and such in the lounge again.

Back home on the train in the morning and home sweet home. One thing I will say about Switzerland, it was darn expensive. Worth every penny but if you’re ever planning a trip just plan to pay twice what you normally think something will cost you.

We are off to Garmisch next this coming Friday for the 4th and of course my birthday. Our personal/home goods arrive on the 9th so we will have some excitement then. For now…thanks for keeping up with us on the blog! 🇨🇭🥰

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